Sustainable Development

We are committed to building sustainable designs and high-quality spaces that respect the environment. That’s why green projects make up the majority of our project portfolio.

Our experts constantly push the limits of design in order to optimize our projects’ sustainability, energy efficiency and environmental responsibility. The result is high-performance buildings that provide added value to both you, our client, as well as to the environment.







Groupe Montoni


Group Montoni is committed to making environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria a permanent strategic reflex. Each of our business decisions is based on industry best practices to optimize the benefits for the environment and our communities. We are aware of the impact of new construction and property management on the living environment. This is why we have adopted an ESG strategy that embodies our vision and serves as a roadmap to guide our future actions.

Distinction by Montoni

Created as a complement to LEED® and other environmental programs, DISTINCTION by MONTONI is an innovative sustainable development program. It aims to reduce the environmental impact of every building as much as possible while taking into consideration the occupants and ensuring costs remain affordable.

LEED® Certification

LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification is a system for evaluating buildings that is recognized as the international standard for excellence in sustainable structures in over 150 countries. It aims to recognize the sustainability of buildings in terms of their conception, construction and use. At MONTONI, we have invested in construction projects that integrate LEED standards since 2006 because we are concerned about protecting the environment for future generations. Over 10% of the LEED-certified footage in Quebec has been built by MONTONI. We truly believe in a better future through sustainable building construction.

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Groupe Montoni LEED Certification
Groupe Montoni Interior Design

Zero Carbon Building Standards

The Zero Carbon Building™ (ZCB) Standards are a Canadian framework that makes carbon the new measure of green building innovation. As one of the first zero-carbon building standards in the world, they recognize the importance of building emissions to achieving national climate commitments. ZCB standards define the low-carbon design and operational performance of buildings. Pioneers in green building, MONTONI develops zero-carbon projects with the aim of reducing greenhouse gas emissions resulting from our projects.

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